Presentation of Designer Sean Lavin

Sean Lavin is the Design Director of Visual Comfort & Co. He works closely with Visual Comfort's other partner designers to bring their concepts to life while releasing his own signature designs.

Sean Lavin studied graphic design and fine art before founding his own branding agency in the late 1990s. Sean developed a passion for lighting design during his early experiences with the Tech Lighting brand. While Sean's early efforts focused on marketing and branding, Tech Lighting began to rely more and more on Sean for product design and eventually acquired Sean's firm so that he could devote his energy in the development and refinement of the Tech Lighting brand. Over the next several years, Sean designed the majority of Tech Lighting's product assortment and set the direction of the brand. Sean is responsible for creating many of their most important collections, including some of his favorites such as Mina, Spur, Sedona and more recently Nyra and Bau.

Sean Lavin is recognized for his sophisticated, modern design aesthetic combined with the most current LED technology. Sean favors clean lines, natural materials and a neutral color palette that makes a strong statement while harmonizing with the surroundings. Sean appreciates that lighting is one of the most important elements that influences every other design detail and sets the mood and emotion for the entire room.

"I am fortunate to work with a passionate development team, including other world-class partner designers and artisans. Every step of the process is an opportunity for collaboration. This never leads to compromise - only balance - in maintaining the intention of an original design while bringing the product to life."

"There is nothing more inspiring than seeing one of our designs in a real space. Knowing that our team has created something that enriches someone's environment is extremely meaningful to all of us."

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