Payment in 3x or 4x

Payment in installments

  • What amounts are eligible?

All orders are eligible from €50 to €3000 including tax.

  • Is the payment secured ?

Yes. Payment in installments/deferred is available via our partner Alma . Payment security is ensured by Alma and its service providers. All payments are protected by 3D Secure.

  • What are the fees for paying in installments?

By paying in several installments with Alma , JGS Decoration covers the majority of the costs incurred. A small percentage of costs remains the responsibility of the customer:
Payment in 3X: 1.29% excluding tax (i.e. 1.55% including tax) per transaction
Payment in 4X: 1.93% excluding tax (i.e. 2.32% including tax) per transaction

  • Which cards are accepted by our partner Alma for payment in installments?

The majority of cards are accepted: CB, VISA, Master Card, American Express.

  • Which countries are accepted by our partner Alma for payment in installments?

France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Portugal.

Single Payment

  • Is the payment secured ?

Yes, the entire site is hosted on a secure server, the protocol used is HTTPS + Encryption with 128-bit SSL certificates.

  • What are the possible payment methods?

Payment by credit card (CB, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay) or bank transfer.
Depending on your card limit, we recommend using bank transfer so as not to block your card. As a reminder, the standard CB ceilings are:
VISA Classic or equivalent: €2,400 / 30-day period.
VISA Premier or equivalent : €8,000 / 30-day period.
VISA Infinite or equivalent: €20,000 / 30-day period.

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